Aaron Meyer in Concert

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Mike Sakellarides, 
Host of 94.7 the WAVE
Performing "Steppin Easy"
Performing "Parametric Impressions"
STAF Aaron Meyer 20110910-1173-High Res STAF Aaron Meyer 20110910-1117-High Res STAF Aaron Meyer 20110910-1221-High Res
Performing "Parametric Impressions"
Aaron at the keyboards
Aaron and Sara Niemietz
STAF Aaron Meyer 20110910-1231-High Res IMG_0019 IMG_0005
Aaron at the piano
Avi Bialo on Trumpet
Frank Macchia on Tenor Sax
IMG_0034 IMG_0023 IMG_0002
Valarie King on Flute
Buddy Goldfarb on Clarinet
Fred Beerstein on Oboe
STAF Aaron Meyer 20110910-1293-High Res IMG_0215 STAF Aaron Meyer 20110910-1114-High Res
Sara Niemietz
Sara Niemietz and M.B. Gordy
Karthik Suresh, Aaron, and M.B. Gordy
STAF Aaron Meyer 20110910-1278-High Res STAF Aaron Meyer 20110910-1131-High Res IMG_0234
Snuffy Walden sits in with the band
M.B. Gordy on Percussion
Snuffy Walden and Doug Cotler on guitar
STAF Aaron Meyer 20110910-1328-High Res STAF Aaron Meyer 20110910-1130-High Res STAF Aaron Meyer 20110910-1045-High Res
Avi Bialo and Frank Macchia
The rhythm section
Rich Lambert on Drums
IMG_0098 STAF Aaron Meyer 20110910-1355-High Res STAF Aaron Meyer 20110910-1021-High Res
Stephen Bock and Doug Cotler on guitar
Karthik Suresh on Bass
Guest Drummer, Ken Meyer

Photos by Jim Brammer and Jaime Rothstein



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